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Joyce Simpson is married to Jon, the love of her life, for thirty-five+ years. She has three grown daughters, two tenacious grandsons, and a beautiful granddaughter. Joyce has been in the business of helping people in body, mind, and spirit for over twenty-six years. Today her focus and passion is in helping people in living a more simplified life, strengthening their mental fitness, & growing spiritually. Joyce uses many coaching tools including support, accountability, inspiration, and clear concise steps to help her clients reach their goals. It is her privilege to be part of her client's transformation.


A Simplicity Coach is a trained professional who uses coaching tools, strategies, support, encouragement, and accountability to help their clients simplify their life, in order to live their best life.

Today is a great day
to take your first step in a new direction.




Do you feel at times you need to release the excess in your life that weighs you down? Do you at time experience feelings of being stuck, overwhelmed, embarrassed, stressed, or just waste too much time and energy maintaining stuff. Less clutter and living simply means more freedom, more time to do the things that feed their souls, better relationships, more clarity of thought, and over all a more peaceful way to live. I not only coach my clients on how to simplify their thoughts and feelings, but will physically go into the home to assist in experiencing immediate progress in areas they may have been stuck in for years. • Less Stress • More Time For Priorities • Saves Money • Easy To Stay Organized • Live In Ease and Flow • Travel Lightly • Better Clarity • A Home That Feels Like a Sanctuary


Learn how to take command of your thoughts. You have a choice to be reactive to your thoughts, or to choose the thoughts that will give you the feelings you want to have. Many thoughts may even be lies that you have grown to believe. Learn how to shift from judgement, and other sabotaging thoughts to thoughts based in love, like empathy, compassion, and calm action. Learn specific tools to create new neural pathways in the brain and take your thoughts captive.


"Be still and know that I am God..." - Psalm 46:10.

When you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior he gives you his Holy Spirit to dwell in you. This Spirit leads and directs your life if you choose to follow him. Growing Spiritually takes being intentional and prioritizing the things that God tells you will result in your growth. In coaching you will discover the joy of stepping into the beautiful life God has already prepared for you. You can clearly discover your life purpose.

"Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated."

"Your past does not equal your future.” - Tony Robbins
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